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Peace & Blessings!

We are a small soap shop dedicated to making all natural skin care and home care products. We
use simple and natural ingredients to provide the best skin care for you and your loved ones.
Our goal is to reconnect with our Mother Earth to meet our daily needs both personal and
home. We strive to promote loving yourself from the outside in!


We are a cruelty free and environmentally conscious brand!

We offer a wide array of products that are always small batched to ensure quality standards are
always consistent. Making and promoting a natural lifestyle is a huge part of our lives at The
Pink Elephant. We recognize that we can not always choose natural options in all facets of life
but when it comes to what we put on our skin we know Mother Earth provides everything we
need. We promise to always provide products that will make you feel good, smell good and

The Pink Elephant…

I started The Pink Elephant because I wanted to give something to my community that was
scarice and out of reach for people who looked like me. I grew up in a home with a huge garden
and most times was healed from that very garden. There wasn’t much my grandmother could
treat with her herbs and plants. As an adult I carried her love to garden and make healing
concoctions. I love working with my hands. Talking with a friend one day about my plans to
make natural skincare, my friend suggested I make a “Soap Bar”. I initially was so excited
because I thought it was so cute to call my store “The Soap Bar”. But this friend shut that down
immediately stating an actual bar of soap. I was so turned off by the idea, that is until I had time
to myself to reflect and ask the Universe for guidance. Needless to say, here we are today! I am
in my purpose, creating healing bars of soap and other products to promote self love and

healthy skin from naturally derived ingredients without the use of any chemicals or harmful


The products we offer will range from vegan, organic and mostly -natural. Vegan meaning not
made with any animal by products. Organic meaning made with natural ingredients and
mostly- natural at The Pink Elephant refers to products that are fragranced using fragrance oil.
We strive to be 100% natural but there are some fragrances that will be used that will be
chemically made but are phthalate-free and FDA certified for cosmetic and skincare use. No
matter which option you choose, all of our products are made with high quality ingredients to
guarantee the best quality product!

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about The Pink Elephant and are assured of our
commitment to providing you and your loved ones with high quality products!

We are an inclusive shop looking to make a difference ONE BODY AT A TIME!

Promoting SELF- LOVE & CARE from the OUTSIDE IN!!



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